Much like a truck bed, the floor of your cargo van is susceptible to dents and damage. Give your van floor an extra layer of protection from the proven performer in truck bed mats. The BedRug VanTred Rubber Floor Liner is tough, protective, and fits perfectly in your van.

No matter how you use your cargo van, BedRug VanTred Cargo Van Liners are an essential add-on for serious cargo van floor protection. Whether you're a contractor, shipper, or rental/fleet owner, these cargo van floor liners offer the perfect shield keep your investments and your cargo safe. With the BedRug VanTred Van Liner standing guard, your van's floors will look spotless and dent-free - even if you haul the toughest, messiest cargo.

BedRug knows what it takes to make a super-durable floor liner that stands up to the elements and the hazards of hauling cargo. They craft the VanTred Van Floor Liner from a textured, anti-skid TPO composite that keeps your stuff from sliding around. Its 1/2" foam backing works like a shock absorber to fend off dents and dings from impacts and heavy cargo. Plus, the shock-absorbent design insulates your van from driving noise.

The BedRug VanTred Rubber Van Floor Liner takes just minutes to install. It's form-fitted and die-cut to match the interior floor ribs of your van for a perfect fit. Its textured finish instantly gives your van a like-new look. Plus, BedRug backs your VanTred Van Rubber Floor Liner with an ultra-tough Lifetime Warranty, so you know it's ready to stand the test of time.