Sometimes all you need is just a little step up into your truck. Unfortunately you don't always have someone around to take a knee and lock their hands together for you, so you would be wise to bolt on a Bestop TrekStep Tailgate Step. This spring-loaded, retractable truck step drops down 6 inches when you need to get into your truck bed and easily retracts under your bumper when you're done with it.

The Bestop TrekStep is sturdy and strong enough to handle just about anything. It's crafted from heavy-duty aluminum that handles up to 300-pounds of weight. The 12.5-inch wide stepping surface features a non-slip textured surface for reliable footing, even in wet conditions. It mounts to the side of your truck, so you can get into your bed with the tailgate door closed or open.

Your Bestop TrekStep Tailgate Truck Step is custom-designed to your exact truck for a fast installation. All you need is 10 minutes and a wrench and you'll be stepping up in no time. Plus, Bestop backs your TrekStep Retractable Tailgate Step with a 3-Year, 36,000-Mile Warranty.