Colgan invented the car bra over a half-century ago, and they remain the trusted leader in front-end vehicle protection. Guard your hood with the proven quality of a Colgan Sport Bra. Colgan Sport Bras are crafted from UV-treated, heavy-duty vinyl and come in either the classic Black or a more modern Carbon Fiber finish.

Lesser quality car bras may protect your hood from external hazards, but they can do damage underneath. That's why Colgan Sport Bras are lined with a thick, soft flannel layer that rests gently on your paint job. It holds tight to your hood, but you're still free to open and close it as you please. Every Colgan Sport Bra Car Bra is custom-designed to your exact year, make, and model vehicle for a flawless and secure fit. It's available for just about any vehicle under the sun - whether you drive a car, van, truck, or SUV.

Keep your hood safe from the ravages of pebbles, branches, and squashed bugs. Your Colgan Sport Bra is backed with an industry-leading 3 Year Warranty.