Maintain your soft tonneau tarp's fresh-from-the-factory looks with TruXedo Pro-Tex Soft Tonneau Protectant Spray. This formula works on all vinyl soft tonneau covers to keep it clean, shiny, and protected against UV damage. It contains no potentially damaging silicones and is easy to use.

TruXedo Pro-Tex Soft Tonneau Protectant Spray not only works on vinyl tonneau covers - it also works on your dashboard, convertible top, tires, and trim to keep it looking new and safe from the elements. To use the TruXedo Tonneau Cover Cleaner, simply spray on to wet the surface, wipe dry with a clean cloth, and turn the cloth over to polish off the excess. This water-based formula is the easiest way to keep your tonneau cover looking new for years.

Note: TruXedo Pro-Tex Soft Tonneau Protectant Spray is not for use on absorbent fabrics, carpet, or absorbent porous leathers. Keep out of reach of children, and store above freezing.