Protect the exterior of your automobile when in storage with the Coverking Racing Stripe Car Cover. Made from a soft satin blend and fully customized to your exact vehicle for total protection against scratches and dings, you can preserve the finish of your classic ride all winter with the understated, classic look of the Coverking Racing Stripe Cover.

A custom-fit Chevrolet Camaro Racing Stripe Cover, for instance, has been meticulously designed for a snug fit throughout the particular bends and curves of your vehicle. These covers offer superior protection that won't damage your vehicle's finish. Every one of these Coverking covers, including Dodge Challenger Racing Stripe Covers and Dodge Charger Racing Stripe Covers, will also protect against the minor dings that your vehicle may encounter while in storage. Plus, the car cover's breathable material fights off paint-hurting moisture and heat, protecting your vehicle's great looks until it's time to ride again.

Coverking Racing Stripe Covers like the Ford Mustang Racing Stripe Cover are available in a number of colors to suit your vehicle's individual style and your particular taste. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.