The Skunk2 Lower Control Arm upgrades your stock arms with lightweight, fine-tuned performance. They're crafted from aerospace-grade AL2024 billet aluminum and specially designed to be more than 25% lighter than factory arms. They're custom-designed to your exact vehicle for a perfect replacement fit.

Your Skunk2 Lower Control Arm is precision CNC machined into a unique, highly engineered shape. The design incorporates a "step" where the beam transitions into the mounting plate. This step strengthens the arm and eliminates internal stress risers that cause other control arms to fail. The mounting area is thicker than stock arms, adding to their strength.

When steel bolts are tightly fitted on aluminum there is a tendency for the aluminum to compress and distort over time, causing the bolts to loosen. That's why Skunk2 Lower Control Arms feature steel clamping plates to evenly distribute the load over a larger surface area and prevent loose bolts. Polyurethane bushings let the arm rotate freely around them, acting like a bearing for a positive feel without the tearing and unseating common with fixed rubber bushings. The result is a smoother ride, higher strength, and maximum performance.

Upgrade your sport compact suspension with Skunk2 Lower Control Arms. Backed with a 1-Year Warranty.