Exhaust flow is a key component to your engine's power potential, and that flow begins at the headers. Keep your exhaust flow at its highest for maximum performance with the Skunk2 MegaPower Header. These Skunk2 Headers are specially designed and engineered for optimal exhaust flow for substantial power gains across the entire RPM powerband.

Megapower Skunk2 Headers are built from high-quality T-304 stainless steel. Their pipes are CNC mandrel-bent, so they maintain a consistent diameter through the bends for optimized flow. These bends, combined with equal-length stepped primaries and a 4-2-1 Tri-Y design make for an extremely broad powerband for full-range power gains. Skunk2 Headers' CNC-machined flanges add extra durability and strength, and their fully polished finish looks great under the hood.

Add full-range power and torque gains to your engine and tear up the street and the track with the Skunk2 MegaPower Header. Backed with a 1-Year Warranty.