Lowering your vehicle can do wonders for your handling and performance, but if you aren't careful it can do more harm than good. The negative camber that comes with lowered suspensions causes your tires to tilt inwards, resulting in poor handling and excessive tire wear in normal driving conditions. Make sure your lowered suspension is properly aligned for maximum benefits with a Skunk2 Adjustable Camber Kit.

The Skunk2 Camber Kit replaces your factory upper control arms to give you over 3 degrees of adjustment for proper handling and tire adhesion. Skunk2 Adjustable Cambers utilize a sliding quick-adjustment ball joint to let you easily compensate for the negative camber on lowered suspensions and tune in the proper tire angle. Whether you hit the track with your sport compact or cruise the highways, the Skunk2 Adjustable Camber Kit is an essential upgrade to get the most out of your suspension.

Every Skunk2 Camber Kit features a cadmium plating that fights corrosion and a hot red finish that gives your wheel wells that trick racing look. Your versatile Skunk2 Adjustable Camber Kit is backed with a 1-Year Warranty.