Some auto accessories give you nothing more than good looks. Sure, the Solid Aluminum Liquid Grille by Putco oozes with modern style, but it does much more than just enhance your automobile's aesthetics. Thanks to the LED lights that are embedded into the grille insert, this Truck Grille by Putco also provides added safety for you and your passengers.

The LED lights on this Truck Grille by Putco helps establish your presence on the road and gives other drivers more time to react to you. Significantly stronger than traditional incandescent bulbs, the LED lights on the Putco Solid Aluminum Liquid Grille will increase your visibility, even during the day. Each LED light has a 50,000 hour lifespan and has been tested under the most extreme weather conditions. In other words, this Aluminum Grille by Putco has been designed to outlast the other truck grills out on the market today.

Thanks to Putco, installing new Truck Grilles doesn't have to be an all event anymore either. Each Putco Solid Aluminum Liquid Grille comes with easy to follow instructions - written in plain English - for a hassle free-installation. Plus, the wiring is designed to easily interface with your automobile's low beam lamp assembly or daytime running lamps, so you'll be out on the road and turning heads in no time.