Dust, moisture, and sunlight do nothing but ruin your vehicle's delicate finish and good looks. Don't succumb to it - Block-It! The Wolf Block-It 200 Car Cover is crafted from a 3-layer polypropylene fabric that provides reliable dust and moisture protection for indoor and light outdoor use.

The Wolf Block-It 200 Series Car Cover is lightweight, easy to handle, and less bulky than other car covers. The fabric is soft to the touch, protecting your paint from scratches and scuffs. It's also breathable, allowing moisture and condensation to evaporate off your car's surface. The Wolf Block-It 200 Car Cover material is also treated for extra resistance to UV rays, preventing fading of your interior and exterior.

Choose from several universal designs for your Wolf Block-It 200 Car Cover. They're available for most vehicle types - simply take a few measurements of your vehicle and choose the right cover. Your Wolf Block-It 200 Car Cover is backed with a 2-Year Warranty.