Put the towels away and dry your bike or car faster than ever. The Metro Vac Air Force Blaster Car & Motorcycle Dryer literally blasts your vehicle with a huge rush of warm, clean air. It's the perfect solution to keep your investment looking great without even putting a hand on it.

Even with the lightest touch, drying towels and rags can put fine scratches in your finish. The Metro Vac Air Force Blaster Motorcycle & Car Dryer blows sheets of water right off without touching your paint, chrome, or glass. It provides warm air without a potentially harmful heating element, and the included EZ Change foam filter keeps the air pure and dust-free.

The Metro Vac Blaster Car & Motorcycle Dryer is available in two models. The standard 4.0 HP version generates 29,250 feet of airflow per minute while the super-powerful dual-motor 8.0 HP model puts out a whopping 58,500 ft/min. Both models feature a heavy duty neoprene blower nozzle, a 10-foot flexible hose, and rugged all-steel construction.

Keep your rides looking their best the quick and easy way with the Metro Air Force Blaster Car & Motorcycle Dryer. Backed with a 1-Year Warranty.