Beat the dust and dirt in your car with the high power of the Metro Vac Metropolitan 500 Hand Vacuum. This 500-Watt vacuum boasts more power than most home vacs, so it's sure to get even the messiest seats and carpets clean. Best yet, all this power is crammed into a compact hand-held unit that weighs under 3 pounds so you can take it anywhere.

Dig out the dust from behind your seat cushion, pull the dried mud and crud off your floor mats, and liberate the potato chips lurking under your seats. The Metropolitan 500 Hand Vac includes an array of attachments so you can get between and under anything in your vehicle. Plus, it includes a 4-stage HEPA filter to block 99.97% of airborne allergens. Its all-steel construction is tough and rugged, and its stainless finish gives the Metro 500 Vacuum a classic retro look and feel.

Keep your car detailed and looking great with the Metro Vac Metropolitan 500 Hand Vacuum. Backed with a 5-Year Warranty.