Upgrade your truck's exhaust system with the Heartthrob Welded Truck Muffler. Unlike your factory muffler, this one has been built to specifically meet the needs of hard working vehicles like heavy-duty pickups, mid-size trucks and RVs.

Each Heartthrob Welded Truck Muffler has been meticulously designed to provide your truck with optimal exhaust flow with minimal back pressure, so you get the power you need when you need it. And the heavy duty, fully welded design makes it significantly quieter than the other performance mufflers out on the market. Plus, these Heartthrob Truck Mufflers also help regulate the temperature of your engine's exhaust.

Heartthrob Welded Truck Mufflers come in two different styles: aluminized steel or black painted rolled steel. That way you can pick the truck muffler that fits into your budget. Last but not least, all Heartthrob Welded Truck Mufflers are made in the USA.