If you're looking to add some muscle to your vehicle, check out the Heartthrob Glasspack Muffler. The deep roar of the Heartthrob Glasspack Muffler evokes all the memories and unbridled power that has long been associated with the Golden Age of American muscle cars.

Rest assured, this muffler is no antique. Each Heartthrob Glasspack is designed by Heartthrob's innovative team of engineers, who always manage to stay one step ahead of the competition. These mufflers comes in two different styles: for cost-conscious customers, choose the dependable and affordable aluminumized steel muffler; for higher strength and rust-resistance, go with the stainless steel model. Regardless of which Heartthrob Glasspack Muffler you choose, both are field-tested for durability, and both will increase the performance and horsepower of your vehicle.

Hook your ride up with classic sound and performance thanks to the Heartthrob Glasspack Muffler. Proudly made in the USA. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.