Stop compromising your cargo capabilities and install the Hauler Racks Hauler II Cap Rack. Now you can carry everything you need without sacrificing the weather protection your truck cap provides. This camper shell rack increases your payload by a half-ton and stretches the length of your vehicle, from tailgate to the front of your cab. You can haul long, heavy-duty materials like full-size ladders, sheetrock and rebar without making multiple trips to the job site.

Each Hauler Racks Hauler II Cap Rack is made out of anodized aluminum that won't fold under pressure or rust like steel racks. These new aluminum truck racks also come with front side rails that taper down for extra style. Plus, the new Hauler Racks Cap Rack has adjustable legs to give you a more exact fit.

Installing your Hauler II Cap Rack is easy, and the rack bolts directly onto the roof of your truck cap for a secure fit. The Hauler Racks Hauler II Cap Rack is backed by a 1-Year Warranty against rust.