Get the most out of your Hauler Racks Universal Van Rack with this handy accessory. The Hauler Racks Van Drop Down Ladder Rack Accessory is equipped with an easy-to-use handle that moves your ladder from the roof to the side of the van for instant access. It also comes with secure clamps that can be padlocked to make sure your ladder stays put when you aren't using it.

Hauler Racks knows that the only thing more important than your tools is the vehicle you transport them in. That's why these ladder rack accessories have adjustable hydraulic cylinders to cushion your ladder and protect your van from dents and dings. Installation is easy, too. The Hauler Racks Drop Down Ladder Rack Accessory can be applied to either the passenger's side or driver's side of your vehicle. This drop down accessory is built to fit the Hauler Racks Utility Van Rack and the Hauler Rack Van Rack. Backed by a 30-Day Workmanship Warranty.