If you own a small sports car without a low front end or 12"-wide tires, Race Ramps Sport Ramps are for you. These sports car ramps hold tires up to 8" wide and lift your ride up by 7 inches. Whether you're showing your vehicle off at the next car show or just need a handy way to get to your undercarriage, Race Ramps Sport Ramps are the perfect solution.

Like all Race Ramps products, Sport Ramps are crafted from a unique material with a patented process that makes them both incredibly strong and remarkably lightweight. A pair of Sport Ramps car ramps can support up to 3,000 pounds, yet each ramp weighs only 8 pounds for easy handling and storage. Race Ramps Sport Ramps feature a textured no-slip surface and an outer coating that won't scuff or scratch surfaces, including epoxy-coated garage flooring.

Lift your smaller sports car the right way with 40-inch Race Ramps Sport Ramps. Your Race Ramps are sold in pairs and made with pride in the USA.