Don't let the rooftop of your camper shell go to waste. Instead, use it to maximize your carrying capabilities with the Hauler Racks Universal Cap Rack. Hauler Racks knows that no two jobs are the same, and that you need a versatile truck rack for a variety of uses. That's why the Hauler Racks Universal Cap Rack's posts can be adjusted to fit the size of your cargo.

The Hauler Racks Universal Cap Rack is a great choice for contractors because it can haul more than just ladders - this durable universal truck rack can also safely transport other heavy-duty materials like sheetrock and copper piping. These aluminum truck racks come in two different styles, a top mount cap and a side mount cap. Side-mount cap racks come equipped with arms that can adjust 60 degrees and 90 degrees to fit flat on angled camper shells.

The Hauler Racks Cap Rack is as durable as it is versatile. Each truck rack is made from anodized aluminum that won't break or buckle under pressure, and will never rust. In fact, the top-mounted universal cap rack can carry up to 600 lbs. of freight, while the side-mounted rack can hold an impressive 800 lbs.

The Hauler Racks Cap Rack is designed to fit on any full-size, mid-size or compact truck. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty against rust.