Haul your cargo and unload it easily with the Jotto Cargo Slide. This truck bed cargo slide can hold up to 800-2,000 pounds and is ideal for unloading bulky items like lumber and other home and garden supplies. Plus, it slides out the full length of your truck bed so you can get to everything your load quickly, without throwing out your back.

The Jotto Cargo Slide is made of tough anodized aluminum that won't fold under the weight of your payload, and each cargo slide is equipped with up to 24 steel rollers for smooth and easy operation. The Jotto Cargo Slide is available with aluminum floor planks(as shown) or without planks. Models without planks can be easily lined with a 4' x 8' sheet of marine-grade plywood.

Installing your Jotto Cargo Slide is easy, and all you need are the hand tools in your tool box. Jotto Cargo Slides are customized to your exact truck for a perfect fit, and are backed by a 5-Year Warranty.