Be Prepared. It's the Boy Scouts' motto, and with good reason. If you're taking your inflatable boat out on some extended trips far from home, make sure you're prepared for anything with the Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat Repair Kit.

The Classic Pontoon Boat Repair Kit includes everything you need to maintain and fix your inflatable boat in an emergency. It comes with a bladder repair kit and an inflation adapter so you can keep your boat blown up with a variety of pumps. Plus, mechanical parts like spring clevis pins and non-corrosive coated oarlocks keep your pontoon boat secure and your oars in running order. The kit packs up compactly and fits in a pontoon boat's cargo pocket for instant access when you need it.

Give yourself peace of mind when you're out on the water with the Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat Repair Kit. Kits are available for the full range of Classic Accessories Inflatable Pontoon Boats.