For camping, recreation, and tailgating, there's no better source of portable power than the Generac iX Series Generator. This portable inverter weighs up to 40% less than other similarly-powered generators, and includes a built-in handle for easy transport. The Generac iX Portable Generator features a full enclosure that drastically cuts down on noise, making this the perfect campground-friendly generator.

The Generac iX Series Generators aren't just portable - they're smart, too. They feature electronic overload protection and a special microprocessor that ensures a clean and stable flow of power, making them safe for sensitive electronic devices like computers. Plus, the iX Generac Portable Generator features a FlexPower design that lets you run it on High mode for larger loads or Eco mode to further reduce noise and minimize fuel consumption. The Generac iX Portable Generator's at-a-glance LED status lights keep you informed of system status, and the engine even includes a low-oil shutdown to protect itself from damage.

Whether you're heading on a camping trip, pre-gaming outside the stadium, or need some power anywhere you're on the go, trust the handy, lightweight Generac iX Portable Generator.

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