It's a fact of life - If you take your 4-wheeler out to the muddy trails, you're bound to get stuck every now and then. Make sure you've got enough power to pull out of murky ditches and pits with a T-Max ATV Series Winch. T-Max ATV Winches are designed and built specifically for the tough conditions and environments of off-road riding, so they'll perform reliably day in and day out.

ATV Series T-Max Winches are available in two capacities. The 2,500 lb. model features a 3.7HP permanent magnet DC motor and includes 36 feet of 5/32" wire rope. The 3,500 lb. T-Max ATV Winch boasts a 4.0HP motor and comes with 32.8 feet of 7/32" wire rope. Both models feature a wound motor for superior power and roller bearings for more efficient power transferring. Both T-Max ATV Winches are built for serious strength and performance, at a competitive price.

Don't take your 4-wheeler off road until you're properly equipped with a T-Max ATV Series Winch. Backed with a 1-Year Warranty.