When you need heavy-duty winching power on your vehicle, go with the ultimate in brawn and efficiency. T-Max Outback Series Winches are built to stand up to years of use and abuse in even the most demanding environments. Their 6.6HP series-wound high-output motors are built for unmatched reliability and endurance.

T-Max Outback Series Truck Winches are availalble in either 9,500 or massive 12,000-pound capacities. Both models feature 3-stage planetary gears and are geared low to increase the winch's safety and overall control. Lower gear ratios also extend motor life and provide quicker line speeds under load. T-Max Outback Winches a posi-lock drum brake system to lock the drum to the large main gears the moment winching stops. This provides less wear on the motor compared to cone brakes, as well as more reliable braking and lower temperatures.

The Outback Series T-Max Winch includes everything you need to get winching. It comes pre-loaded with up to 100 feet of wire rope, as well as both a wired and wireless controller to give you total freedome. It also comes with a roller fairlead for safer and more controlled winching. Your heavy-duty T-Max Outback Series Winch is backed with a Lifetime Warranty.