When you have to pull your 4x4 out of a ditch or muddy bog, you don't want the extra weight of your body holding it down. Hop out of the driver's seat and operate your winch from a safe distance with a T-Max Winch Remote Control. These rugged Winch Controllers let you perform your recovery pulls without standing in a ditch or reaching into your dashboard.

T-Max Winch Remote Controls are available in both Wired and Wireless designs. The Wireless model includes a rugged receiver that blocks out interfering signals to ensure proper operation. Both models feature Forward and Reverse rocker buttons and are water-resistant to fight weather damage. You can also control your winch with the T-Max Universal Integrated Radio Control Box. This water-resistant box lets you operate any winch from as far away as 215 yards (handheld controller not included).

Put winching power in your hands with a T-Max Winch Remote Control.