A worn, frayed winch rope not only makes pulling less reliable - it can be downright dangerous. Don't let your winch let you down, keep it in top form with a T-Max Replacement Winch Cable. These winch ropes are strong, durable, and long enough to handle your recovery needs.

Choose from either Wire Cable or Synthetic Rope for your T-Max Replacement Winch Cable. Both types can pull up to 9,500 pounds and come in 94-foot lengths as a direct replacement for the winch rope on your T-Max Winch. The Synthetic Winch Rope also includes a self-locking clevis hook for easy and secure connecting. A 30' x 4" tow strap is also available for unbeatable recovery versatility.

Don't hit the trails with a busted rope - replace it with the strength and safety of T-Max Replacement Winch Cables.