For firefighters and EMTs, a clear path to the scene of an emergency isn't just convenient, it's essential. With the Wolo Chief Truck Air Horn, you get the blast of sound you need to alert pedestrians and other drivers of your presence.

This firetruck horn is built to handle the stress of every day emergencies. Made from heavy-duty materials that won't fold under pressure, the Wolo Chief Truck Air Horn features a chrome plated trumpet with a sound output of 125 db and a sturdy front pedestal to cut down on vibration and rattling at high speeds. Plus, this emergency air horn comes with a hose and all the mounting hardware you need to quickly and easily install it onto your vehicle.

These emergency horns require an on board air system and work with the Wolo Turbo Tank and Compressor. This emergency air horn measures 28" X 6" X 6-1/8".