For vehicles in need of emergency lighting without cluttering up the roof, go for the virtually invisible Wolo Hide Away Strobe Light Kit. These emergency lights are available in 4- and 6-Bulb Strobe Kits and provide your vehicle with increased visibility at great distances and in inclement weather.

These miniature emergency lights kits come with everything you need to install them onto your vehicle quickly and easily. The Wolo Strobe Light Kit includes two 9.8 foot-long cables and two 16.4 foot-long voltage cables, as well as all the mounting hardware you need for a quick installation. Plus, these emergency light kits also come with their own pre-wired control panel so you can operate the lights from behind the wheel.

Both the Wolo 4 Bulb Strobe Light Kit and the Wolo 6 Bulb Strobe Light Kit are built for 12-24 Volt vehicles. The Wolo 4 Bulb Strobe Light Kit comes with red, blue, clear, or Amber emergency lights. The Wolo 6 Bulb Strobe Light Kit includes 6 clear bulbs.