Whether you're in a crowded camp site or isolated in the backwoods, the Sportz PAC Tent provides shelter from the storm. These travel tents feature a lightweight, compact design and come with everything you need to set up camp quickly, and it comes in 2 styles to suit your needs.

Motorcyclists short on space should check out the Napier X-Plorer Tent. This single person motorcycle tent is more than your average camping accessory - it's practically a traveling sporting goods store. In addition to the tent itself, the X-Plorer includes a sleeping bag and stool, as well as a compact storage bag that's easy to transport. For road weary travelers who need more space, go with the Napier Sportz X-Treme PAC Tent. This 2-person travel tent comes with 2 plush mummy-style sleeping bags, 2 stools, and a storage bag.

Both Sportz PAC Travel Tents are built with the same level of quality as a full size camping tent. Made of waterproof materials, the Sportz PAC is tough enough to keep you dry and warm while you sleep under the stars. The Napier Sportz PAC Tent is backed by a 1-Year Warranty.