The AutoPilot Lifestyle Air Management System gives you the ability to digitally control your vehicle's air suspension. This air suspension controller comes with everything you need to customize your vehicle's ride height, including an air tank, compressor, and the AutoPilot Digital Controller.

Whether you need to adjust the height of one wheel or on all 4, this air suspension controller has the capabilities to help you get the most out of your air suspension. Featuring state of the art technology, the Lifestyle Air Management System automatically adjusts to your preferred ride height every time you turn on your engine and comes equipped with an easy to use control panel. It is features a pancake control to give you the ability to raise or lower all 4 of your wheels at once.  Plus, this lowering system also comes with front/back and side-to-side controls, giving you the freedom to independently adjust the height of each wheel.

The AutoPilot Lifestyle Air Management System is easy to apply onto any vehicle and comes with all the hardware you need for a complete installation. This lowering system is custom fit to your vehicle.