Get total coverage for your curved windshield with PIAA Super Silicone Curved Wiper Blades. Designed specifically for aerodynamic windshields, these wiper blades feature a curved design that evenly distributes blade pressure across your entire windshield, ensuring total wiper coverage and visibility in even the worst conditions.

The secret of PIAA Super Silicone Curved Wiper Blades lies in their unique silicone technology. When in use, these wiper blades treat your windshield with a patented silicone additive to help promote water beading, making it easier for the wiper to totally remove the water from your windshield.

Regardless of the weather outside, PIAA Super Silicone Curved Wiper Blades have the strength to keep your windshield streak-free. Made of weather resistant silicone, these windshield wipers are UV and rust resistant and last significantly longer than your factory blades.

PIAA Windshield Wipers are custom fit to your vehicle, and sold individually.