Save space in your vehicle and money at the pump with the Rightline Gear Cargo Saddlebag. Designed for SUVs and minivans, this car cargo attaches to the back of your vehicle as opposed to the top of your roof, putting less air drag on your vehicle and making it more aerodynamic. The average roof top cargo carrier can lower your gas mileage by 5 mpg, but with the Rightline Gear Cargo bag you can avoid lowering your fuel economy and still carry everything you need for your road trip.

The Rightline Gear Cargo Saddlebag is designed to handle the stress of the road. Made of weather resistant polyester and nylon-reinforced PVC, this SUV cargo carrier is waterproof and has a sturdy bottom pole frame to provide additional support. Unlike traditional cargo bags, this SUV cargo carrier has 2 sturdy straps on each side, making it easier lift the bag and apply it onto your vehicle. And if your vehicle doesn't have a roof rack, the optional Car Clips allow you to strap the bag to the space between your roof and rear hatch door.

The Rightline Gear Cargo Saddlebag installs easily onto any SUV, minivan, or crossover with 2 adjustable straps. This cargo bag has a capacity of 13 Cubic Feet. The Rightline Gear SUV cargo carrier includes its own stuff sack for easy transport and storage.