Sliding open the sunroof is great for getting that open-air driving experience, but at high speeds it can get pretty noisy and windy in your vehicle. With the Wade Sunroof Wind Deflector you can get all the benefits of an open sunroof without the howling noise and wind-blown hair. This sunroof deflector directs air up and over your sunroof for a quiet and comfortable ride.

Wade Sunroof Deflectors are crafted from durable, glossy acrylic that stands up to the hazards of highway driving. Its single-piece construction won't break or bend, and its low-profile design is both aerodynamic and stylish. Best yet, your Wade Sunroof Wind Deflector installs easily in just minutes, using the included automotive-grade tape.

Choose from a variety of Wade Sunroof Deflectors to fit any sunroof from 32.5-41.5 inches long. Your Wade Sunroof Visor comes in Smoke finish and is backed with a Limited Lifetime Wararnty.