From DTC scans to more complex diagnostics tests, the Equus Innova OBD-II Diagnostic Tool has the capabilities to quickly identify malfunctions occurring in your car's on-board system and provide a quick solution to your car troubles.

Unlike generic store-bought diagnostic tools, these scanners are equipped with Innova's RepairSolutions software to ensure a complete and comprehensive vehicle diagnosis. It provides you with a detailed definition of your car problems and suggests how the malfunction may have occurred, so you can prevent the problem from re-appearing in the future. Plus, RepairSolutions also gives you access to a database of in-depth repair solutions to help you fix your vehicle on your own. RepairSolutions advice comes directly from ASE-certified technicians, making this a device you can trust.

Innova OBD-II Diagnostic Tool is available in four models. Drivers in need of a basic tool to check the status of their on-board system can use the Deluxe CAN OBD Scan Diagnostic Tool Kit. This diagnostic scanner is compatible with both OBD-II and most OBD-I model vehicles to scan for DTCs and preform basic system tests.

The CAN OBD Scan Diagnostic Tool and the CAN OBD Scan Diagnostic Tool Kit is optimal for performance enthusiasts and seasoned repairmen. Both of these diagnostic tools are equipped with SAE diagnostics and have the power to read, record, and save live data.

The Innova OBD-II Diagnostic Tool is compatible with Windows computers and features a unique memory function, giving you the freedom to store and access your vital information when you need it.