Make sure your car is running the way it should with the Actron AutoScanner OBD-II Diagnostic Tool. The Actron OBD-II Tool provides you with live engine data so you can diagnose your vehicle's problem areas and figure out the proper solution to your car problems quickly and easily.

The Actron AutoScanner OBD-II Diagnostic Tool is available in two models: AutoScanner Trilingual Diagnostic Tool and AutoScanner Plus Diagnostic Tool. The AutoScanner Plus goes above and beyond the duties of regular scanners to help you maintain your vehicle's performance. These auto diagnostic tools are equipped with Actron's CodeConnect software to provide you with repair suggestions verified by Actron's ASE-certified technicians. That way you can locate the problem areas of your vehicle quickly and solve the problem before it causes damage to the rest of your car.

The AutoScanner Trilingual Diagnostic tool provides you with professional scan tool capabilities in a compact, cost-conscious package. This OBD scanner has the power to display six different modes of OBD II data as well as most generic and manufacturer-specific codes and definitions. The AutoScanner Diagnostic Tool can also scan and display DTCs, I/M monitors, and the MIL status.

The Actron AutoScanner OBD-II Diagnostic Tool is equipped with a Sate OBD Check display and works on all vehicles made after 1996. This diagnostic scanner comes equipped with trilingual menus and code definitions.