Both pro mechanics and seasoned do-it-yourselfers can successfully correct their ignition timing with the Equus Timing Light. The Innova Timing Light is built with Equus' patented Skip Circuitry test and also features a crisp digital readout and detachable leads to make tracking and improving your vehicle's performance easier.

The Innova Timing Light is available in two models to suit your driving needs. For racing professionals, there's the Innova Pro Digital Timing Light. The Innova Pro is equipped with a bold backlit LCD screen and advanced display that provides accurate readouts of your tachometer and advanced degrees, as well as your dwell angle and battery voltage. It can also switch between two and four cycle engines, so you can read the ignition timing of all your vehicles. In addition to the Innova Pro, there's the Innova Digital Timing Light. A must have for any toolbox, this timing light is Innova's most basic model and provides you with accurate readouts of your tachometer and degree angles.

The Equus Timing Light is constructed of high-grade materials to ensure long service life and user safety. This digital timing light is built with a protective hand guard and is designed to work with most 12 Volt vehicles.