The OTC OBD II Diagnostic Tool helps you quickly identify and diagnose vehicle malfunctions and check the status of your car's on-board diagnostic systems. Whether you're looking to perform a simple vehicle inspection or a comprehensive scan, OTC OBD II Scanners give you the info you need.

The OTC OBD II Diagnostic Tool is available in two models. For a quick and easy tool you can take anywhere, pick up the PocketScan OBD-II Diagnostic Tool. This compact ODB-II scanner is ideal for basic vehicle inspections and every-day drivers. It can read, scan, and erase DTCs, and also displays your MIL status, pending codes and I/M monitors.

Performance enthusiasts and professional mechanics should check out the OTC OBD-II, CAN & ABS Diagnostic Tool. This OBD-II scanner provides you with a race-level tool at the price of a basic car scanner. This diagnostic tool boasts over 15,000 DTC codes definitions and comes pre-loaded with over 3,000 repair suggestions for common vehicle malfunctions. Plus, the OBD-II, CAN & ABS Diagnostic Tool has the ability to read and scan live data from your vehicle, as well as ABS codes. That way you can leave you car running while you scan and get the most accurate readings available.

The OTC ODB II Diagnostic Tool comes with a USB cord and a comprehensive training manual to help you better service your vehicle.