Get accurate vehicle information when you need it with the OTC HD Scan Tool. Designed to meet the needs of heavy duty trucks, the OTC HD Scan Tool inspects your vehicle's on-board systems and checks for engine malfunctions.

The OTC HD Scan Tool is available in two models. Truck owners in need of a full-service scan should pick up the Heavy Duty Code Scan Tool. The OTC Scan Tool gives truck owners the information to diagnose their truck's status quickly. This OBD II Scan Tool provides you with real-time data and has the capabilities to inspect your entire system, including your engine ECU temperature and your percent acceleration pedal position.

The OTC Code Reader is optimized for budget-minded truck drivers. This tool is perfect for basic vehicle inspection and pinpointing basic malfunctions. It comes equipped with the proper software to read and clear DTCs. The OTC Reader also comes with Controller Area Network (CAN) compatibilities.

Both the OTC Heavy Duty Code Reader and OTC Heavy Duty Scan Tool come with a 9 Pin Deutsch Cable, 6 Pin Deutsch Cable, and an operation manual that will help you get the most out of your diagnostic tool. The OTC HD Scan Tool is backed by a Limited 3-Year Warranty.