The MBRP Quiet Tone Muffler takes the loud noise out of your diesel engine. The ideal muffler for heavy-duty trucks, the MBRP Quiet Tone provides you with increased exhaust flow and takes the cackle out of your noisy exhaust.

MBRP Quiet Tone Muffler has what it takes to handle your diesel engine. MBRP mufflers are track tested to withstand wear and meet the demands of every day drivers. Plus, they fit onto just about any truck. These truck mufflers have an inlet/outlet size of 4" and serve as a direct replacement for your factory muffler. Your ride's performance will improve with the MBRP Quiet Tone Muffler, but the rest of the neighborhood won't know everytime you come home from work. Road-tested and ready for anything, this is the perfect muffler for the truck owner who wants to keep his power to himself.

The MBRP Quiet Tone Truck Muffler is available in Aluminum, T304 Stainless Steel, and T409 Stainless Steel. MBRP Aluminum Mufflers are backed by a 3-Year Warranty; MBRP Steel Mufflers are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.