Nothing is worse than digging a path to your driveway and sitting in an ice-cold driver's seat - except spending all day sweating at the beach and grabbing your piping-hot steering wheel. There are two ways you can solve these problems: guzzle gas by running your AC or heater 24/7, or keep your interior comfortable with the versatile Intro-Tech Ultimate Reflector Sun Shade.

The Reflector Intro-Tech Sunshade features a reversible design that makes it the perfect windshield cover for any season. One side is made from shiny Myler that reflects the sun's rays, keeping your interior and your steering wheel cool even as the sun pelts your car. The opposite side of the Reflector Sun Shade is made from dark felt that absorbs sunlight, generating some extra interior heat during the winter months.

Each Intro-Tech Reflector Sunshade is custom-made to your exact vehicle for a perfect fit and maximum windshield coverage. It features a 6-layer design (graphite felt, 1/4" thermal foam board, 2 fiber layers, air cushions, and Mylar) that is both durable and insulating. The Reflector also includes a storage bag so you can keep it clean and secure while you drive. Your Intro-Tech Ultimate Reflector Sunshade is backed with a Lifetime Warranty.