If you want to add continental style to your trunk, pick up an Avery's Luxury Touring Cargo Mat. This Euro-inspired mat is perfect for luxury sedans in need of protection and an interior makeover. It's made with heavy 42 oz. carpet that's thicker and more durable than your factory mat.

With Avery’s, you can create a look that’s totally your own. Featuring a look that goes above and beyond your OEM mats, the Luxury Tour Cargo Mat is custom cut to the exact dimensions of your trunk and available in a variety of colors.

Whether you're hauling garden tools or heavy luggage, this cargo mat has what to takes to keep your factory carpet protected. Built of a nearly indestructible UV-resistant poly yarn, the Luxury Touring Cargo Mat stands up to the stress of every day wear. This carpet mat can even guard against water damage and features a tough plastic back lining to prevent spills from staining your factory carpet.

Avery's Luxury Touring Cargo Mat are backed by a 2-Year Warranty and made in the USA.