If heavy-duty trucking and towing is a big part of your life, make sure your hitch is up for the task. The Blue Ox Diamond Hitch offers the ultimate combination of strength, convenience, and easy installation. It hauls up to 35,000-pound trailers without compromising your truck bed.

The Diamond Blue Ox Hitch is custom-designed to your exact year, make, and model truck. It installs entirely under the bed, leaving your bed floor completely flat and unobstructed. The hitch mounting brackets are designed to mount to your frame with minimal drilling, and you don't have to remove your bed to install it.

You shouldn't have to compromise your cargo space to accommodate a gooseneck hitch. That's why the Blue Ox Diamond Gooseneck Hitch features a Revert-A-Ball design. This gooseneck ball flips over and stores inside the cylinder, giving you completely clear access to your truck bed. The ball mount also has locking tabs and levers to eliminate the need for wheel well cables or levers, as well as a 3/4" load lug to stop up and down movement for secure towing.

Take your truck to the next level and haul everything you need with the Diamond Blue Ox Gooseneck Hitch. Every one of these Blue Ox Hitches is tested at an independent laboratory to ensure the highest quality and durability.