Put the power of automotive testing and maintenance in the palm of your hand. The Mityvac Silverline Elite Hand Vacuum Pump & Pressure Pump Kit is used by service professionals all around the world to perform hundreds of different mechanical and diagnostic tests. This vacuum pump/brake bleeder is rugged, reliable, and easy to use.

The Mity Vac Silverline Vacuum Pump is designed for easy and comfortable use, with an ergonomic shape and a one-finger vacuum/pressure release trigger. The pump crates vacuum and pressure on the squeeze stroke, giving you excellent control, and it's equipped with a durable and accurate compound pressure/vacuum gauge.

The complete Mity Vac Silverline Elite Vacuum Pump Kit comes with a vast array of tubes, adapters, and plugs that help you test every vacuum system on your vehicle. It also includes a Master Cylinder Refill Kit that automatically maintains fluid levels so air doesn't get reintroduced into your clutch and brake lines. Plus, it all stores in a handy molded case that you keep the kit safe and organized.

For accurate, versatile, easy testing and maintenance, equip yourself with the Mityvac Silverline Vacuum Pump Kit. Backed with a 1-Year Warranty.