Sometimes you need to drain fluids from engines and reservoirs without access to an air compressor or electrical outlet. For these situations, rely on the Mityvac Fluid Evacuator. These units work with manual pump operation, making them the ideal portable solution for RVs and ATVs as well as vehicles like snowmobiles and farm equipment.

Mityvac Fluid Evacuators are built from durable, chemical-resistant polyethylene to stand up to any liquids you pump into it. Its large base and foot stabilizer keep it from tipping over, and automatic overflow prevention keeps you from pumping too much into the reservoir. Each Mity Vac Fluid Evacuator includes long, skinny that let you drain fluid directly through oil or trasmission fluid dipstick tubes. Quick-drain pour spouts make for easy emptying of used fluids.

For extra versatility, choose the Mighty Vac Fluid Evacuator Plus. This model switches from vacuum to pressure with the push of a button, making it a cinch to drain tanks and pump the fluid back out for easy disposal. It's also great to use multiple units at once - evacuate used fluids using one unit and quickly refill with new fluid from another.

Take reliable draining power anywhere you need it with the Mityvac Fluid Evacuator. Backed with a 1-Year Warranty.