Don't let scuffs, swirl marks, and scratches bring your vehicle's looks down. The Lane's Top Edition Wax Package lets you overcome these unsightly blemishes and restore your smooth and lustrous style. It includes four easy-to-apply formulas that turn your finish from beat-up to showroom-new.

The Lane's Top Edition Wax Package restores your vehicle's looks in a 4-part process. First, clean your car with the Lane's Wash & Shine, a self-drying concentrated soap that busts dirt without streaking. Then apply the Lane's Super Cut, which fills in scratches and pock marks and prepares your paint for a finishing coat. The Lane's Gold Edition Wax goes on next, adding a glossy shine over the Super Cut. Finally, add extra protection with the Lane's Super Seal Paint Sealant. This sealant extends the life of your finish and keeps it shining longer.

For great looks that last, get rid of scratches and imperfections with the Lane's Top Edition Wax Kit.