You didn't buy a bold, darkly-colored vehicle so that its color would fade and soften. Make those colors bounce and pop, and your vehicle stand out from the rest, with Lane's Carnauba Wax Kit.

A collection of four waxes and shines ensures that Lane's Carnauba Wax Kit will keep your vehicle sparkling. Ultimate Glaze #1 works great for any finish, cleaning as it polishes for a brilliant shine. Carnauba Supreme Wax is Lane's pre-softened finishing wax, the perfect compliment for black, red, and metallic lacquered paints, as well as clear coat finishes. Gold Edition is a superior finishing wax, protecting your vehicle's paint while lending a handsome, glossy shine. Touch-up Shine, Lane's #1 rated professional detailing spray, rounds out this collection.

Don't let your vehicle's colors muddy and fade. Wax it to a gleaming shine with Lane's Carnauba Wax Kit.