You want your vehicle's interior looking fresh and clean, but oftentimes the cost of having someone do it for you can be prohibitive. Do the job yourself, and do it well, with Lane's Premium Interior Detail Package.

Four products combine to make Lane's Premium Interior Detail Package the perfect tool for getting the most out of your vehicle interior's appearance. Power Clean is the strongest multipurpose cleaner on the market, washing dirt and grime from any vinyl or carpeted surface. Interior Shine protects and shines your vehicle's leather, vinyl, and trim, restoring life to these areas in stunning detail. Foamy Upholstery attacks deep-seated stains on carpet and upholstery while smelling pleasantly fresh, and New Car Scent returns your vehicle's bouquet to that with which it left the lot.

Don't pay a pro to do a job that you can do yourself with Lane's Premium Interior Detail Package.