The onset of inclement weather is no need to stop your round. With a Greenline Driveable Golf Cart Enclosure, protect yourself and your values from the wind and rain until your round is finished.

Available in five colors and for use with both 2-person and 4-person carts, this golf cart enclosure easily slides over your cart's roof and the sides roll down to keep your cart dry. Clear PVC windows allow for maximum visibility, and heavy-duty doors won't buckle under the weather's pressure. Six zip-open panels roll up and down independently for easy in-and-out access, and once the weather eases the sides of the Greenline Driveable Golf Cart Enclosure roll up beneath the roof valance to stay out of the way. When it's time to leave, remove the enclosure just as easily as you installed it and pack it in its handy carrying case.

There's no reason to end a round of golf simply becase the weather turns. Continue on with a Greenline Driveable Golf Cart Enclosure and finish the round you came to play. Backed by a 3-Year Warranty.

Note: Measure your cart's roof before purchasing to make sure enclosures will fit your vehicle. 2-passenger enclosures measure 46" wide and 59" long; 4-passenger enclosures measure 48" wide and 76.6" long.