Just because you have a car, and not a truck or SUV, doesn't mean you shouldn't travel with your bike in tow. The Advantage TrunkRack Bike Rack mounts to your car's trunk, providing all the benefits of a hitch-mounted rack for vehicles without a hitch.

Up to 3 bicycles fit on these easy-to-install bike racks. Don't worry about getting your bike over your head safely and secured to your vehicle's roof without scratching your paint job. The Advantage TrunkRack Bike Rack attaches securely to your car's trunk, and its padded frame won't ruin your car's finish. Increase your fuel economy as opposed to using a roof-mounted rack with full knowledge that Advantage SportsRack's patented "Anti-Sway" technology will keep this 3-bike rack firmly mounted thanks to 6-way securing straps.

Don't worry about the hassle of getting your bikes onto your roof or, worse, leaving them at home. Attach up to 3 bikes to your car's trunk with an Advantage TrunkRack Bike Rack. Backed by a 2-Year Warranty.