If it's good enough for rocket scientists, it's good enough for you. Add brilliant clarity to your nighttime driving with a Vision X Xmitter LED Light Bar.

Updated multi-volt electronics increase this light bar's electrical output, while an efficient design lowers power consumption. Patented optics shine their beams in a seamless pattern, and extruded 6061 aluminum housing keeps the Vision X Xmitter LED Light Bar secure. Polycarbonate lenses and isolated rubber mounts increase clarity while reducing vibration, and a multitude of choice is available before you purchase: single stack or double stack configurations, european beam or flood beam lights, lengths extending from 4" to nearly 52", and three different finishes. Choose the light rig that is right for you, exactly, and know that it won't be going out anytime soon thanks to its 50,000-hour lifespan.

NASA scientists and Homeland Security specialists use these lights, and you should, too. Overwhelming brightness and outstanding optical clarity can be yours with a Vision X Xmitter LED Light Bar. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.