The high-performance off-road lighting market is not necessarily known for offering a lot of choice. Thankfully, Vision X Solstice LED Off-Road Lights are here with a variety of sizing and beam choices, ensuring you get exactly the lights you're looking for.

Choose among 2", 4", or 6" housing sizes. A 2" or 6" choice will allow for narrow, wide, medium, or elliptical beams. If you go with the 4" light, choose among narrow, medium, and wide beams. Whatever you choose, these lights feature polycarbonate lenses of 88% optical purity. They consume as little power as possible while dissipating heat in their die-cast aluminum housing. These lights are also weatherproof, and are perfect for any weather conditions. Multiple mounting options and simple 2-wire installation make for easy vehicle attachment, and these LEDs will be compatible with almost every vehicle's electrical wiring system.

Don't accept a lack of choice when buying off-road LED lights. Take control and get the lights you need with Vision X Solstice LED Off-Road Lights. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.